Zeo Hagane(Japanese:鉄鋼,Hagane Zeo) is the Elemental Blader of Light in Metal Fight Beyblade Elemental Gods. He owns Samurai Pegasis W105R2F and is also the grandson of Zalkire Hagane.
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Zeo using his elemental power of Light.


Zeo's grandfather,Zalkire Hagane was an Legendary Blader and represented the Universe. During the battle against the Dark Bladers, his Pegasis had evolved into Samurai Pegasis W105R2F and had given it to Zeo when he was born. As soon as the other Elemental Bladers and their blader's spirit had awakened, Zeo set off on a journey to meet them.

Metal Fight Beyblade Elemental Gods

Zeo has become great friends with the bladers of Metal Bey City and has grown stronger ever since he entered the city. The Meta had watched every battle Zeo has ever had in Metal Bey City and had scanned Samurai Pegasis, hoping to retrieve the data it needs to complete Bahamdia Phoenic. When Zeo challenged The Meta to a battle he just stood there and laughed. As Zeo backed down and began to put his beygear away, The Meta had launched Phoenic and sent Zeo flying into a tree, showing him that Phoenic is strong enough to destroy him, despite it being the beta shape of Phoenic. After that Zeo made a promise to defeat the Meta so he started training as much as he could after a few months they had the second round of their battle Zeo fought hard and won in the end the Meta had no idea how Zeo did it but Zeo learned to never give up on himself or Pegasis. Through out the battles Zeo and Pegasis had he realized that Pegasis and himself could merge together whenever they were in real trouble when Zeo merges with Pegasis silver armor appears on him and so do silver wings Zeo can sometimes lose control but he is still training every day never losing hope to win the fight agenst M.E.T.A


Pyrokinesis -Is the power that allows Zeo to control and create fire with his mind.

Healing -Is the psionic power that allows Zeo to rapidly heal other organisms through physical touch.

Special Moves

Star Strike Attack-Is when Pegasis soars into space and comes crashing down onto the opposing bey with a firey blue aura, causing the opposing bey to lose in a stadium out.

Mystic Samurai Blade-Is when Pegasis's beast emerges and slices through the opposing bey with it's firery blue sword, causing an explosion that sends the opposing bey into the stadium floor.



Zeo and Pegasis's element,Light.

Samurai Pegasis W105R2F-Is an attack type beyblade based on a Pegasus .

Stone Face:Pegasis

Chrome Wheel:Pegasis

Crystal Wheel:Samurai

Track:WIng 105

Bottom:Right Rubber Flat


Zeo has been seen to use a blue Zero-G string launcher attached to a Zero-G launcher grip handle.


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